December 11, 2018

Some more bus news – 181 Transdev service

After an eventful few weeks, our village bus service is now running normally. The 181 service is being operated by Transdev, the same company that runs the Coastliner service. Some of the drivers have transfered over from Stephensons to Transdev so you will see some familiar faces driving our buses.
The timetable is basically the same as before and can be found on:-
The road works in York are less disruptive now and so the 181 goes through to York railway station again. And the bus stops on Stonebow have also re-opened. Please support your local bus service – great for avoiding the busy traffic and parking nightmares in York this spring and summer.

181 Bus Service – back again

The village bus service (Malton – Castle Howard – York) stopped for a couple of days this week as NYCC sorted themselves out after the liquidation of Stephensons. Connexions Buses has taken over the running of the 181 and the bus ran as per normal timetable on Friday and Saturday. Some of the drivers from Stephensons have transferred to Connexions and so stayed with the 181 service.
However, it is unlikely to be the end of the story and full contract negotiation will need to take place. So if you value the bus service which goes straight from our villages to the middle of York and the station (although not at the mo due to roadworks!), please use it or we will lose it.

Bus Service 181

Update regarding Stephensons 181.

Connexions step in to take over 181 service

Following the collapse of Stephensons of Easingwold, we are taking over the 181 services from the 22nd January.
It will continue to run to the current times

For a full timetable see here:

Don’t Miss The Bus!

The bus times, they are a changing. Not by a huge amount but just enough so that you might miss the bus next week. The 181 bus service operated by Stephensons runs from York to Malton via Claxton and Sand Hutton. This local service is not used enough but for those who use it, it is a real lifeline. The bus drivers are a friendly bunch and look after their passengers – even stopping for me when I am late rushing to the bus!

A leaflet with the new timetable can be found here

and the changes start from 10th April.

This bus service was recently under threat from North Yorkshire County Council budget cuts but is just hanging on after support in a public consultation and because this route also services Castle Howard. So give the bus a try and then we are more likely to retain this important rural service for our villages.

Work on A64 and Whinney Lane Claxton restrictions

The Highways agency has given notice of its intention to carry out maintenance work on the A64 near to Claxton. Expected to start on Monday April 28th for 5 nights or until completed, the work will take place between 8pm and 6am.

One of the effects of this work will be to close the side road access with Whinney Lane.

Full details of the works to be carried out was published by the Highways Agency under ‘Public Notices’ in the Gazette & Herald – March 26th edition.


Having just spent two hours on the way home from work I thought others may like to be aware of this:

The A64 northbound is closed between the junctions with the A1237 York North and the A169, due to a serious accident. Road expected to re-open from 12:15 am on 26 February 2014. – See more at:

Whinny Lane Claxton

Road maintenance works are due to commence on Monday 4 March on A64 near the junction of Whinny Lane. At times during the works, no vehicles will be able to enter or leave A64 at its junction with Whinny Lane. The Highways notification placed in the Gazette & Herald on 6 Feb is shown above.

Getting to Stamford Bridge – it is tricky

Don’t go down to Buttercrambe woods today if you want to get to Stamford Bridge! There are not many signs warning you but 2 of the usual routes to Stamford Bridge from Claxton/Sand Hutton are still blocked by floods. The flood in the usual spot near the Battle Flatts vet clinic in Stamford Bridge is very high at the moment – no way through.

Buttercrambe Mill Bridge Now Open

The works have been completed on Buttercrambe Mill Bridge and so it is much easier to get to Scrayingham etc. Diversion signs have been removed. Be warned however, that the openings between the new stone pillars on the bridge are 7 feet wide only and it does feel like you need to breathe in as you go through!

Buttercrambe Mill Bridge Closure

Just a reminder that Buttercrambe Mill Bridge will be closed for up to 10 weeks for repair and maintenance. The bridge was closed from yesterday (30th Jan) and there are barriers across – but no sign of works happening this morning! The sign at the bridge says it will be closed for 5 weeks but Highways advised it would be a 10 week project. To get to Scrayingham, the quickest diversion is through Stamford Bridge and then take the left turn signed ‘Malton’. Other information on roadworks and diversions can be found on the North Yorkshire County Council website:-