May 17, 2022

Parish Council

The aim of the Parish Council is to maintain and improve the villages of Claxton and Sand Hutton whilst following local government laws and guidelines and sticking to a tight budget.

Claxton and Sand Hutton Parish Council is made up of six Parish Councillors, three councillors representing Sand Hutton and three for Claxton.  There is also a Parish Clerk who deals with all the correspondence and the finances and is in constant touch with the Chairman and other Councillors.

The Council meets approximately every month throughout the year with an Annual Parish Council meeting in May.  Parishioners are welcome to attend the meetings and all start with a Public Forum where local residents can raise concerns or ideas about the villages for the Parish Council to consider.

Planning applications for the Parish are sent to the Clerk by the County or District Council and the Parish Council is asked to comment.  Any comments made can be viewed at the Ryedale Council Offices or on the Ryedale planning website. The Parish Council is not responsible for approving or declining planning applications – that is the role of Development Control at Ryedale District Council.

The Ryedale District Council website is found at

The Parish Council often acts as a link between the local residents and other local government and commercial bodies such as Ryedale District Council, Highways, Streetscene (rubbish and recycling), Yorkshire Water, the local police, FERA and so on.  Other matters the Council has to deal with include street lighting, grass cutting of the verges , fly tipping, tree felling, provision of waste bins etc.

The Council regularly invites the local District and County Councillor to meetings to keep the Parish in touch with Ryedale and North Yorkshire matters which are relevant to Claxton and Sand Hutton.

Parish Councillors are volunteers and do not receive any expenses.  The Clerk is employed for a few hours per week by the Parish Council and paid at the national rate for a Parish Council of this size.