May 17, 2022

First Aid

Claxton and Sand Hutton villagers have taken part in the Yorkshire Ambulance Service Training Departments “Take a Deep Breath” initiative, which incorporated Giving Help and Getting Help in a Medical Emergency.

Interest was originally sought at an open meeting run by Liz Heath in the Village Hall  after she had brought up the subject at a Parish Council meeting and the response was very impressive.

Subsequently Liz arranged two, three hour First Aid courses run by Neil Marsay, the Yorkshire Ambulance Service Community Defibrillation Officer.  Over 80 villagers attended and became much more aware of how they could make a positive difference in an emergency.

The ultimate objective was to have at least one person trained for each of the houses in the 2 villages!

We are on the edge of the 8 minute reach time for an ambulance and on the wrong side of the A64 especially at busy times.  After this training the future for our 2 villages is much more positive.  The intention is to either run or join a First Responder team or install in each village a Community Public Access Defibrillation (cPad) Unit.

As villagers we also need to be aware of making ourselves easier to find by the emergency services; more visible house names and numbers and some house lighting are good examples of things we can do.

Here are some useful links provided by Neil Marsay to follow up the information from the training:

The British Red Cross have an excellent first aid awareness section on their website
Every Day First Aid 
St John Ambulance provide a free Aide Memoir on their website
Free Guide 
London Ambulance Service have a online video to take you through how to use a defibrillator
Defibrillator Video
British Heart Foundation has a comprehensive website on all things heart related
More Heart Information