June 26, 2019

Burns Night 2014 – Pictures

A collection of Photos from the Claxton & Sand Hutton Burns Night Supper held at the Village Hall, January 25th 2014.

(Click on the images to view at a larger size)

Burns Night Supper 2014 Burns Night Supper 2014 Burns Night Supper 2014 Burns Night Supper 2014 Burns Night Supper 2014 Burns Night Supper 2014 Burns Night Supper 2014 Burns Night Supper 2014 Burns Night Supper 2014 Burns Night Supper 2014 Burns Night Supper 2014 Burns Night Supper 2014 Burns Night Supper 2014 Burns Night Supper 2014 Burns Night Supper 2014 Burns Night Supper 2014 Burns Night Supper 2014

Lights Out Land Girls!


Theatre on your doorstep! The Badapple Theatre Company who brought us Eddie and the Gold Tops, A Yorkshire Christmas Carol and The Land Girls of Yorkshire are returning with their new production, Light Out Land Girls!

Sunday 19 May at 7.30pm, Sand Hutton and Claxton Village Hall.

Tickets: £9.50 all adults/£5 under 16s

To book, ring Caroline Hall 468376 or Fiona Davies 468001

Red Nose Day Bake Sale

Last call!
VH, Sat 10 – 12
Bring some;
Eat some;
Buy some.
Did you remember to tell all your frends?

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day Bake On – Advance Notice!

After watching the Red Nose Day on the tele you’ll be wanting to do something to help – well you can.

The day after on Saturday 16th March we’re having a Red Nose bake sale in the Village Hall from 10am to 12noon.

More info to follow soon…

Wine tasting – prompt

There’s strong and encouraging interest in the wine tasting in the Village Hall on Friday November 23rd 2012 (starting at 19.30 and lasting about a couple of hours).

The total cost including wine, bread and cheese plus the Wine Academy’s fee is working out at £17.52 per person (the final price will go up or down slightly accoridng to the final numbers.).

The Wine Academy run regular tastings at Harvey Nicks, Meltons Too, the York Food Festival and other places. (http://www.thewineacademy.co.uk/testimonials/index.php)

If you’ve not yet expressed an interest but would like to come please contact John Short at johnshort.clx@btinternet.com



Strawberry Teas

A ‘Strawberry Teas’ event will be held on Saturday 14th July between 2.30 – 4.30pm at Holderness House Claxton. Books, Cakes and Plants will be on sale. Also a Raffle and a ‘Past Time’ stall for which items on unwanted jewllery, scarfs, bags, kitchen and household goods will be welcomed before the day.
A heritage model railway will be in operation to which suitable items of Hornby Dublo 3 Rail visiting stock is welcomed. There will be an opportunity to order home made Christmas Puddings.

‘Free entry’ All proceeds / donations for St Mary’s Church Tower Fund. All welcomed

Sand Hutton & Claxton Village Produce Show

Just a reminder about the village produce show on September 1st 2012. Your schedule of classes was delivered earlier this year and I thought it an opportune moment to bring to the attention of the newly formed Ryedale photography group, the classes for photographs. This year the photography classes for adults include any size mounted photo’s of: ‘Portrait’ (human or animal), ‘Landscape’, ‘Humorous’, ‘Sporting Moment’, ‘Our Jubilee Celebration’ and ‘Chocolate’. For those between 13 to 18 there is a class for any size photographs taken on a mobile phone and for children under 13 there is a class for any size photo ‘Picture of my Bike’.

Happy Snapping!


Eddie and the Gold Tops

Eddie and the Gold Tops are coming to town!

The latest from Badapple Theatre (recent productions Land Girls, A Yorkshire Christmas Carol) and a “must-must see” success already.

Here at Sand Hutton Village Hall on Sunday 20 May at 7.30pm; tickets £8.50 (£5 child), available from Caroline Hall 01904 468376.

Village Hall AGM

AGM is on 16th April 2012 at 7:30pm

Do come along to see what the VH is going to do this next year

Everyone is welcome

Click here for AGM Agenda



Eddie & The Gold Tops

Sunday 20th May, 7.30pm at Sand Hutton & Claxton Village Hall

Eddie and the Gold Tops

A brand new comedy with music, from the team behind the sell-out success ‘Back to the Land Girls’.

Written and directed by Kate Bramley (Back to the Land Girls/ Ex-Hull Truck Theatre)With original songs and music by Jez Lowe (SONY Radio Academy Award Winner/ BBC Radio 2 Radio Ballads) 

Supported by the National Lottery, Arts Council England.

It’s the 1960’s and every village in England has a band determined to hit the big time.This tale follows our Eddie, a hard-working milkman, inspired by the cream of the pop chartsand tired of the milk-float of ordinary life, ever dreaming of stardom and success.

Eddie inherited the family milk round from his father, and has fulfilled his deathbed promise to never miss a delivery for the good people of the village. But suddenly things are on the up! His songs are heading up the charts and if he can get there by tonight he’ll be on Top ofThe Pops…..

So, get ready, Eddie, go! You’re heading for the high life, with the fabulous Gold Tops behind you every step of the way! But when things take a churn for the worse, will you get back for the morning milk?

Tickets £8.50 Adult / £5.00 Under 16′s

Contact 07704 353186