June 26, 2019

Task Force Required!

Claxton and Sand Hutton Village Hall NEEDS YOU
Please come and help with tackling the list of jobs, there is something for everybody indoor and outdoors, even just for half an hour would be much appreciated.
Sunday 19th February from 10am until 3pm or until we are finished!
Refreshments provided. Any enquiries please phone Anne White 468550.

Painting Furniture.

Hi Peeps,

The bug has bitten. After years of buying pine furniture, some cheap and nasty, some not so, I have started to paint some of my furniture.

So far, I have done a bed stead, a standard lamp base and at the moment, I am in the middle of ‘Farrow & Balling’ my old village hall chairs (not SHAC village hall chairs I hasten to add) that use in the kitchen.

Does anyone else paint furniture? What type of paint do you use? What preparation do you do? Would there be any interest in getting a group together of fellow painters to keep each other company whilst painting and to share techniques and tips?


Apple Appeal!

Have you any left over apples? Jennie Whiteley is interested in your left over apples to feed a fussy young pig. One of her young boars really does not like his usual pig fodder but he does like apples! It does not matter if the apples are soft or past their best – piggy will scoff them. So if some of your stored apples are heading towards the compost heap, think of a hungry young pig….

Jennie can be contacted on 468222 or drop off apples at Vicarage Farm up Kirk Balk Lane, Claxton.
Thank you.



Editors Note : Remember If you have anything to buy, sell or giveaway you can always post it to the Community Noticeboard on the website. Its simple and free and can be seen at http://www.claxton-sandhutton.org.uk/community-noticeboard/ 

Website Relaunch

Thanks to all those who attended the site launch at the Village Hall last week – we hope you found it interesting and useful. And thank you also to those who have volunteered to help build and maintain the site going forwards and to Philip for setting the ball rolling on the ‘Weather Front’. It will be interesting to see this weeks data !

We do however need more help so let us know if you can spare a little time and effort to help out. We will of course do whatever is required in order to help you to help us !

We have already had over 120 visitors to the new site which is a solid start. Some great feedback and ideas were suggested for new areas of the site and we have already put in place the excellent idea of a Community Noticeboard which can be seen HERE  and under the Community Menu on the site. The Noticeboard is entirely free and can be used for Freecycling, Small Ads, Requests for Help and to request to Lend and offer to Borrow items.

Remember, you can subscribe to email updates from the site using the form at the top right of the home page.

Give Us Your Ideas for New Areas of the Website

We are looking to develop the site further and are keen to receive your ideas on what you would find useful or interesting on this site.

As a starter, here are a few things we have discussed and will consider over the coming months :

- A Discussion Forum
- Local Freecycling / For Sale / Wanted Ads (Virtual Car Boot sale)
- Community Suggestions Page – Ideas to Discuss & Consider
- A ‘Borrowing’ Board to offer and ask for things you may wish to borrow (e.g.Tools, DVDs)
- ‘Ten Questions’ Profiles / Interviews featuring local residents
- Competitions and Quizzes
- Polls (Serious and Fun)
- Videos and Photos of Local Events
- Liftshare / Carshare
- Recipe of the Week / Month
- Local Places to Visit (Reviews and Recommendations)
- BabySitting Wanted / Offered
- PetSitting Wanted / Offered
- Links with Claxton, GA (USA)

Give us your ideas to add to this list, tell us what you think are good and bad ideas and we will work towards improving and enlarging the site in the coming months.

Stuck for inspiration? have a look at www.villagesonline.com where there are literally thousands of Village and Community Websites listed (we should be on there soon, too) and let us know what you’d like to see here.

email us webteam@claxton-sandhutton.org.uk

Help Wanted….

We are looking for volunteers to help us build the Claxton & Sand Hutton Website into something the villages can be proud of.

Specifically, we need the following

  • Moderators : to look at any contributed articles and pictures and make sure they are suitable for publication according to the editorial guidelines. We may also introduce a discussion forum in the future which will need a moderator.
  • Helping Hands : are you web-lierate? if so we’d like your help in showing your friends and neighbours (especially the elderly) around the site and helping them to make the most of it.
  • Subject Experts / Correspondent : are you an expert in some area (e.g. Science, History, Sport) – then we’d like your help as a guest editor or contributor.
  • Reviewers : been to an event recently? : then write a review and tell us what you thought.
  • Clubs and Societies : Do you run a local club or group? If so we’d like to help you make the most of the site to promote your organisation to the villages and the outside world. We’ll provide hands-on training and support.
  • Kids : What would you like to see on the site? We’d love your ideas and help.

Whether you have a few minutes or several hours a week to help us out it would be most appreciated. You don’t need to be a technical whiz – all training will be given and help will be at hand if needed,

If you are interested in getting involved or would like more details drop me a line (Andrew Fawcett) amfawcett@gmail.com or give us a call (01904) 468020.