December 17, 2018

Sand Hutton in the Domesday Book

Some of the earliest references to Sand Hutton are made in the Domesday book, where it gets two mentions.

The ‘Tenant in Chief’ was one Hugh Son of Baldric – I didn’t know we had Blackadder back then ;?)

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Little Flaxton?

My father-in-law, Denys Cussins recently showed me this interesting old map of Ryedale from the early 1600s in which it would appear that Claxton used to be called (shock, horror!), Flaxton Little…..
Some of the other place names are interesting, too.

(click on image to enlarge)

ps. whatever you do don’t mention this to the folk from Flaxton – they may get ‘Big’ Headed.

Memory Lane Evening

Well done to the Heritage Group and their contributors for putting on such a lovely evening.