June 26, 2019

Welly Throwing Results!

OK Here we go! The Welly Throwing Results from the Jubilee Party Picnic held on 2nd June

Tom G (dashing friend of Sara and Tom) = 23.19M
David (The Welly) Brewer? = 22.49M
Richard (Just Slightly Competitive) Field = 20.1M

Big Kids
Dylan = 16.56M
Alex Field = 11.58M
Charlie = 11M

Little Kids (5 and under)
Isabel = 4.49M
Thomas = 2.79M

Pretty impressive throws – well done everyone. Tom G was delighted to win his special Royal pork pie from Vicarage Farm and the children enjoyed their prizes too. Thanks for donating the wellies Pat and thank you to the measuring team including Sara and Emma.
Perhaps we should have an annual Claxton and Sand Hutton Welly Throwing Contest?

Jubilee Picnic Quiz – The answers !

For those who took part in the Jubilee Picnic Quiz the full questions (with answers) can be seen from the link below.


(Adobe Reader software required)

So, how many did you score? – let us know in the ‘Comments’ section below.

Jubilee celebrations

Well, what a great set of Jubilee celebrations in the 2 villages and not a drop of rain to spoil them.

Firstly the Thanksgiving service and the royal memorabilia display at the back of the church. Fascinating to see all the items kept over the years including a lovely bit of Coronation embroidery by one local little girl (you know who you are).

Then we had the picnic and fun day held at the school (thank you headmistress for letting us use the school playground and electricity to heat the water for our drinks). Lots of lovely food from sausage rolls to scrumptious scones (plus jam and cream naturally), cakes too numerous to count and a truly fantastic Jubilee cake made by Rachel. Everyone seemed to enjoy the games (pin the earring on the Queen was popular) and we had 2 ‘secret’ judges wandering around looking at the lovely crowns made. Welly throwing and tug of war were as expected well supported. Prizes were given out including for one lucky person a tuly royal pork pie made and donated by our very own Queen Jenny.

Finally, we had the tea party on Claxton green (and here many thanks must go to Rachel for allowing us to set up the refreshments table on her front lawn and for supplying water and electricity for the tea). The day started early with Bill giving the green a final mow (what would we do without you Bill, thank you), the bunting was up and around 2pm, the food started arriving. More and more came until the tables were groaning under a true feast. There were cakes of every variety, smoked salmon sandwiches, quiche and all sorts of other treats.

Fiona brought the dressing up box – with some very fine hats. Not forgetting we had the red white & blue theme – tea shirts, curly wigs, scarves, earrings and head bands to name a few.
Overall, the 2 villages put on a wonderful celebration and so many neighbours joined in. I for one enjoyed all of it.

Wellies, Crowns. Pork Pies, Cake and an Earring

An odd mixture but they all played a part in our Jubilee Party Picnic yesterday at Sand Hutton.

There was a lovely, calm Thanksgiving service at St Marys and an amazing display of Royal memorabilia (I loved the minature coach and horses). Then later at the school field, party goers gathered for much tasty food and drink and a HUGE Jubilee cake.

It was slightly chilly but many warmed up with cups of tea (thanks to Pat and Angela), impressive welly throwing, pinning a earring on the Queen, chucking crowns and much more. Thank you to everyone who came to make it a special day and thank you to all the helpers – you worked hard and seemed to have fun too!

There will be more news to come and we will post the answers to the Claxton and Sand Hutton Community Quiz (and perhaps some of the interesting alternative answers…) If anyone has any good pictures of welly throwing or tug of war etc please let me know – I was too busy on my loud hailer to take photos! (contact Laura Edwards 468207).

Happy Jubilee weekend and remember there is more village fun in Claxton on Tuesday afternoon.

Jubilee Events – The Dates

Look out for a leaflet coming through your doors with more information about the Jubilee events planned for our villages.

A few people have said that they know something is happening but don’t know when, so here is a reminder of the key dates:-

Saturday 2nd June – 10.30am : Thanksgiving at St Mary’s Church with heritage display afterwards
Saturday 2nd June – 12 noon : Bring and Share Party Picnic on the school field, Sand Hutton
Tuesday 5th June – 2pm : Tea Party on the Green in Claxton

More information coming soon but there is still plenty of time to be planning your outfit (s) and making a crown!

Jubilee Party – Only 2 weeks away!

Not long to go until we can celebrate the Diamond Jubilee in our villages!

You can read the notes from the most recent Jubilee Planning meeting on this website (under Community heading, Jubilee Celebrations).

We hope you are planning your party outfits and making a crown for the party picnic on 2nd June. There are a variety of events planned (all free) from a heritage display to a tea party so please look out for more information over the next few days and get ready to celebrate!

The final planning meeting is on TUESDAY 29th May at 7pm in the Village Hall, Sand Hutton.

If you have items for the Royal themed heritage display, please contact Anne White on 468550 ASAP.

If you could help out at any of the events eg help serve cups of tea or oversee a party game then please contact Laura Edwards on 468207.

Jubilee Parties – 1 month away

Only a month to go before the Jubilee celebrations – lets hope it warms up a bit! Time to focus on plans for Jubilee parties in the villages. There is a planning meeting on Tuesday 8th May at 6.30pm in the Village Hall, Sand Hutton.

Please come along to help organise the Thanksgiving at St Mary’s, special picnic and games on the school field and a tea party in Claxton.

Remember to be searching for any memorabilia from the Coronation or village links to the Queen and then contact Anne White 468550 who will include the items in a heritage display. If you would like to be involved with any of the events, please contact Laura Edwards 468207 or come along to the meeting on 8th May.

Jubilee Plans – next installment!

We had a useful meeting on 18th April and the plans for some Jubilee celebrations in the villages are coming together.

If you want to catch up, the notes from the meeting are posted on the Jubilee section on the website (under the Community Menu)

There was a display of the Jubilee Plans at the Spring Saturday Social and visitors to the social voted for the type of event they would like to attend – picnics and tea parties were popular!

The next planning meeting will be on Tuesday, 8th May at 6,30pm at Sand Hutton Village Hall. If you would like to be involved in helping with the Jubilee plans, please contact Laura Edwards 468207 or Anne White 468550.

Jubilee Meeting This Wednesday 7.30pm

A reminder of the next Diamond Jubilee planning meeting which will be held this Wednesday (18th April) at Sand Hutton Village Hall at 7.30pm. Plans are developing for a thanksgiving at St Mary’s, a heritage display and a party picnic with games – perhaps a tug of war! But we still do not have enough interest to organise a fireworks evening with bonfire so come along if you have ideas or could lend a hand with the organising. Some members of our community have fond memories of jubilee celebrations in the villages in the past so lets try and make the Diamond Jubilee a party to remember too!

Jubilee Meeting Deferred Until 18th April

Due to a whole range of reasons, very few people could make it to the Jubilee Planning meeting last night in the Village Hall. So we are going to try again to hold a meeting on Wednesday 18th April at 7.30pm in the Village Hall at Sand Hutton.

Plans are progressing well for a thanksgiving, hertiage display and Royal picnic with games but there are still too few volunteers to organise an evening bonfire/ fireworks display.

If you would like to join in or can offer some support for these village events please contact Anne White on 468550 or Laura Edwards on 468207 or come along on Wednesday 18th to share your ideas.

Thank you.

nb. you can read the notes from the initial 3 meetings on the Jubilee Page HERE