June 26, 2019

Sand Hutton High Tech Jobs Boost (Yorkshire Post)

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Hey it was 4 to 5 inches of snow by this morning, drifting to 6″ and the temperature overnight went down to minus 4 in our garden.
Can you better that?

Painting Furniture.

Hi Peeps,

The bug has bitten. After years of buying pine furniture, some cheap and nasty, some not so, I have started to paint some of my furniture.

So far, I have done a bed stead, a standard lamp base and at the moment, I am in the middle of ‘Farrow & Balling’ my old village hall chairs (not SHAC village hall chairs I hasten to add) that use in the kitchen.

Does anyone else paint furniture? What type of paint do you use? What preparation do you do? Would there be any interest in getting a group together of fellow painters to keep each other company whilst painting and to share techniques and tips?


Ryedale District Council Parish Update

Ryedale District Council Summer 2011 Parish Update (pdf)

news and updates from RDC including Street Scene Update and details of NYCC / NYnet fast broadband project



North Yorkshire Now – September 2011

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