June 26, 2019

Village Litter Pick

Calling all litter pickers! The Autumn litter pick will be held on Saturday October 25th.

Please join us to walk around the villages in small groups and collect litter from the verges and pathways. It does make a huge difference to our villages.

Equipment such as litter pickers, rubbish bags and ‘high vis’ vests will be available (thanks to Ryedale District Council) but as usual it would be a good idea to wear walking boots and gardening gloves.

As a reward for the pickers, there will be sizzling bacon sarnies (or veggie option) and refreshments back at the Village Hall.

Meet at Sand Hutton Village Hall car park at 10am Saturday 25 October

Saturday Social

Saturday Social latest! Andrew Woods, Curator of Numismatics at the York Museums Trust will be bringing a selection of artefacts from the Claxton Hoard. Found locally inside a leaden box, the Hoard (which is Viking in origin), was unearthed by a plough on the 12th September 1807.  It consisted of approx 270 coins and an assortment of silver arm bands. Andrew will be inviting local people to add to the Museums knowledge of the area where the Claxton Hoard was found. So, come along on Saturday 6th September and see some real treasure!

Women’s Institute

Ladies – this month’s WI meeting is on Thursday 15th at 7.30pm in the village hall and we’re in for a treat when Caroline Hall introduces us to the WI choir for an evening entitled “Sing for Joy”.

Visitors pay just £3 on the night (which includes refreshments) and are assured of a very friendly welcome. There will also be a raffle and sales table on the night. This is bound to be a popular evening so come early to get a good seat!!

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 4.5.2014: Greener on this side

There’s so much happening in the garden that you need to look round it at least twice a day, and even a few days away at this time of year are painful. Missed it while away in Devon, but while there, visited an interesting garden, rather hippyish, i.e. wild with large statues of pigs. Also found two wonderful tree nurseries within a mile of each other. Couldn’t fit the tulip tree in the car but have come back with a couple of uncommon shrubs.
Hadn’t planned for the shrubs, they were simply on the bucket list, Deutzia pulchra that Roy Lancaster had raved about, and Enkianthus campanulatus that I love from seeing it in Ray Wood. But meanwhile, the garden is getting fuller by the minute; the new shrubs are more a shoehorning than a shoo-in.

As well as getting fuller, with plants filling out and growing up, there’s a big colour change in the garden, most prominently in what I think of as the spring bed; I’m just realizing that it isn’t because it has a lot of spring flowers, hellebores and special primulae, but because it has a beech hedge as its backdrop. And once a beech tree starts to come into leaf, you don’t see the flowers any more – the effect of that curtain of zinging green is so overwhelming that they lose their impact, spring is over.

Maybe I can learn to see it as also an early summer bed that is a shrine to new-beech-leaf-green. Then change ideas about suitable planting; what is working is a big block of tall euphorbias in full flower, whose yellowy-green is a perfect complement.

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Work on A64 and Whinney Lane Claxton restrictions

The Highways agency has given notice of its intention to carry out maintenance work on the A64 near to Claxton. Expected to start on Monday April 28th for 5 nights or until completed, the work will take place between 8pm and 6am.

One of the effects of this work will be to close the side road access with Whinney Lane.

Full details of the works to be carried out was published by the Highways Agency under ‘Public Notices’ in the Gazette & Herald – March 26th edition.

Dog Fouling

Once again, there is an increase in dog mess being left on the ground in Claxton & Sand Hutton. Whilst many dog owners do always clear up after their dog, some are not doing so. The Parish Council therefore ask that all dog owners please ensure they clear up after their pets and either use the dog waste bins provided in Claxton or take it home and dispose of it in domestic bins.

It is an offence to leave your dog’s mess behind. If you are caught not clearing up after your dog, you could be prosecuted and fined up to £1000.

Please help to keep our community clean, safe and pleasant for all.

Knitting Wool

Calling all knitters! Our resident knitting guru Rachel will be bringing lots of different wool to the Spring Social this Saturday so if you want some very reasonably priced wool be sure to come along and see her. Rachel’s wool is just one of a variety of local produce on offer this Saturday 10.30am – 12.30. Hope to see you there!

Neighbourhood Watch


This is a North Yorkshire Police Message – North Yorkshire Trading Standards welcome reports of traders who cold call at peoples properties in an effort to obtain work.

 As a service we have a zero tolerance approach to cold calling and doorstep crime because we are aware of the detriment that it can cause vulnerable residents.  Itinerant traders use this approach to take advantage of vulnerable consumers, often acting aggressively to railroad people into agreeing to over charged and unnecessary work to their homes.

At this time of year the weather improves and the number of cold callers increases.  Our advice is to be vigilant of anyone approaching you at your door or the door of any vulnerable neighbours; if you witness anything suspicious or any concerning activity, please report it to the Police via 101 or Trading Standards by calling 0845 40 40 506 or by emailing investigationsandsafeguarding@northyorks.gov.uk.

Neighbourhood Watch

Suspicious Doorstep Sellers

This is a North Yorkshire Police Message. North Yorkshire Trading Standards have been investigating a number of reports from all over North Yorkshire of a trader operating from a white Ford Transit van selling mattresses.

The explanation given to consumers is that the mattresses originate from a company due to go into liquidation and he is working on behalf of the company to sell as much stock as possible prior to liquidation. They carry business cards with the name “Durest Mattresses”. The mattresses are supposedly brand new memory foam mattresses and are sealed and labelled to indicate such.

A consumer after purchasing the mattress became suspicious and opened up the mattress to discover the “brand new” memory foam mattress was indeed a very old sprung mattress with a thin layer of foam and reupholstered. If you are approached by anyone selling mattresses in these circumstances then please contact North Yorkshire Police non emergency number or Trading Standards.

Women’s Institute


This month our speaker was Mick Oliver, a volunteer with Older Citizens Advocacy York (OCAY). OCAY are a small local charity whose main aim is to provide a free & independent advocacy service for all citizens of York aged 50 and over.

Mick explained that the charity (based in Towend Street York) comprising 2 paid staff and 20 or so volunteers, deal with a variety of requests including Benefits assistance, Disability or Mental Health issues, Consumer issues, Personal Finance and Social Services matters. No issue is too small. It can take minutes to resolve (for example help with completion of a form) or longer term problems might take months to resolve. Throughout this time the volunteer advocate provides confidential support and guidance.

Whilst OCAY is partly funded by the Big Lottery and Ward Committees, they also need to continually find ways to raise funds for ongoing running costs.

We heard that OCAY are always looking for additional volunteers to train as advocates. No special qualifications are required other than common sense, the ability to actively listen, the ability to get on with people and a willingness to help right wrongs. Should anyone be interested in volunteering they can contact Office Manager Linda Tester in the first instance.

One final point that Mick mentioned was that the free service only extends to those living within the York Boundary. Ryedale residents should contact Scarborough Advocacy (01723 363910) who cover our area.

Next Month’s Speaker will be the ever popular Chris Beavers talking about dolls. Visitors are most welcome and there will be a raffle and sales table available too.