June 26, 2019

Latest Weather Update

Philip Orton of Claxton has kindly provided the latest quarterly update on what our village weather has been up to.

You can read it on the ‘Weather Talk’ Page from the link here :



Hey it was 4 to 5 inches of snow by this morning, drifting to 6″ and the temperature overnight went down to minus 4 in our garden.
Can you better that?

No Snow Yet, but…..

Philip Orton has kindly provided an update of the local weather report giving detail on local temperature, wind, rainfall and illuminance through December 2011.

click here to view : http://www.claxton-sandhutton.org.uk/weather-talk/

Weather Talk : Updated

Philip has updated the Weather pages for November. You can read the latest updates here :


Weather Talk

Weather is one subject which seems sure to get everybody talking. Following his interesting talk at the Village Hall local weather guru Philip Orton has kindly prepared some information  around local weather observations and trends.

The Weather Pages can be accessed at any time from the Community Menu at the top of the site or by CLICKING HERE